Top Board Games for Big Groups - Quick & Fun 💡

When it comes to board games for large groups of 8-10 players, finding a game that can be played in a short amount of time can be a challenge. However, there are some fantastic options out there that are not only quick to play but also incredibly fun and engaging. Here are a few of my top recommendations:

1. Codenames: Codenames is a brilliant word association game that can be played with a large group of people. Split into two teams, players take turns giving one-word clues to help their teammates guess the correct words on the board. With quick rounds and endless possibilities, Codenames is a game that will keep everyone on their toes.

2. Telestrations: Telestrations is a hilarious drawing and guessing game that is perfect for large groups. Each player starts with a word or phrase and must draw it on their sketchbook. The sketchbook then gets passed around the table, and the next player must guess what the drawing represents. This continues until the sketchbook returns to its original owner, and the final guess is revealed. The results are often hilarious and guaranteed to have everyone laughing.

3. One Night Ultimate Werewolf: If you're looking for a game that combines deduction and social interaction, One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fantastic choice. In this game, players are assigned roles as either villagers or werewolves. The goal is to figure out who the werewolves are before they eliminate all the villagers. With quick rounds and plenty of bluffing, this game is sure to keep everyone engaged.

4. The Resistance: The Resistance is a thrilling game of social deduction and deception. Players are divided into resistance members and spies, and the resistance members must work together to complete missions while the spies try to sabotage their efforts. With intense debates and hidden identities, The Resistance is a game that will have everyone on the edge of their seats.

5. Sushi Go Party: Sushi Go Party is a fast-paced card drafting game that is perfect for larger groups. Players take turns selecting cards to create the best sushi combinations and score points. With adorable artwork and simple gameplay, Sushi Go Party is a great choice for both casual and experienced gamers.

These are just a few examples of the many board games available for large groups of 8-10 players that can be played in a short amount of time. Whether you're hosting a game night with friends or looking for a fun activity for a family gathering, these games are sure to provide hours of entertainment. So gather your friends and get ready for some epic gaming sessions!

Thad Barrows
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